We’ve Got NEWS! 

We’ve been searching for bigger and better and we FOUND IT!! 

You guys we are MOVING! I have been so excited to tell you about the future location for Doe A Deer that I could hardly stand it! We bought a building and we are making a big move - to the former Stuart Appliance building. With the main level, a basement, loft, AND an upstairs, this building is over 10,000 sq. ft! Our new store front is going to be MUCH larger than our little shop and we are so excited about the future vision!

We have been searching and looking for a permanent location for Doe A Deer for nearly 2 years now!  After touring several old buildings here in Stuart, we were just not having great luck. It was so important to me to invest in a space that we can GROW into. I’ve NEVER experienced having enough room since starting Doe A Deer. We toyed around with the idea of building a warehouse for Doe A Deer but the cost of commercial land was more than we were willing to spend. 

I heard rumors that the current owners of the old Stuart Appliance building were looking to retire and potentially sell their building. I jumped on that opportunity! Literally the day before I went into labor with Dax, Dave and I got a tour of the full building. Immediately I started envisioning the potential for Doe A Deer in this space. I knew this is what I wanted and I knew this is what we NEEDED - I was determined to make this happen.

The Details!

We close on this building January 31, 2022 and will begin renovations ASAP! We have big plans for this new location - ready to have some insider info on the plans??  The main level + loft of the old appliance building will be converted to half storefront and half warehouse. Cue all the adorable Doe A Deer vibes. I cannot wait for my visions to come to life. We have plans to convert the upper story into a cute living space (more to come on that!!) And the exterior of this building will be getting a TOTAL transformation including a 10 foot all glass garage door on the retail side! *all the heart eyes for this*

I am so excited to bring all of the renovation updates to you via social media and I’m already preparing myself for an emotional ride. So buckle up! (@ myself here) I know renovating doesn’t always go as planned, but it makes my heart so happy and I am so passionate to have a business in downtown Stuart and bring more people to our main street. I have BIG DREAMS for this space, and I am ecstatic to finally have a place where we can grow.

December 30, 2021 — Regan Doely


Ginny said:

CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited to see you have your own building! Thankful you are staying in Stuart! Happy you will be helping to revitalize Stuart!

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