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Some of you have seen and read up on our FAQ page for Doe A Deer: this page answers questions about our shipping, how our products are printed, purchasing product for gifting and more! There is some good must-have info you can check out. However, I have a few FUN + FAVORITE questions I get asked. They are a little more personal, and I was inspired to share with you! 

HOW did this adorable business get started?!

After doing quite a bit of freelance work - designing wedding invitations, Christmas cards, graduation invites, logos and more - I decided to finally give my business a name. Doe A Deer was born! With just a Facebook page to share my work. It wasn’t long until I thought it would be fun to create some products like notepads, gift tags, greeting cards, and of course…Flour Sack Towels ;) 

Speaking of Flour Sack Towels- WHY Towels?! 

I never would have guessed these would take off like they have! My mom inspired a love of vintage linens in me from an early age. We would go to antique stores together & we both were always drawn to old quilts, tablecloths & flour sack towels. The vintage patterns and colors are always so vibrant, and I still find them to be very inspirational! Because of this love of linens & textiles, and flour sack towels being a kitchen staple, I decided it’d be really fun to try my hand at designing a towel or two. It was pretty random & I can’t believe where towels have taken us.

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from? 

I love searching for inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines & cookbooks and also just out and about in everyday life. I also draw a lot of inspiration from my grandparents & family traditions. I find that inspiration strikes me at pretty random times! Kind of like a lot of things in life, I find it when I least expect it. Becoming a mom in 2021 has been QUITE the inspiration…stay tuned for more on that, and sign up here if you want to be in the know ;) . 

What is your favorite Doe A Deer product? 

There is NO WAY I could ever just pick one. They are ALL my favorites. I think our towels and Swedish dishcloths are absolutely adorable and I love how these kitchen staples brighten every kitchen with pretty colors and cute phrases. I love waking up and pouring my coffee into one of our Doe A Deer Mugs. Most recently, I have been super obsessed with how adorable our new bowl covers look on countertops or in the fridge. They just seem to bring a new vibe to the kitchen that I have been looking for. Not to mention the many purposes they serve! 

I just really enjoy all of the endless gift-giving opportunities our products have, along with making baking, cooking, and mom-ing a little more adorable <3

I want to know, what are YOUR Doe A Deer Favorites?

February 15, 2022 — Regan Doely

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