Here at Doe A Deer, we think moms deserve the world. They’re the one we can go to when we’ve had a hard day. They listen better than most. They know the right thing to say when we need a reminder to keep smiling through hard times. They give and give and don’t expect anything in return. 

Sometimes it feels impossible to repay them for their selflessness; the long nights of rocking us to sleep, staying awake to make us feel comfortable, raising us, and helping us find ourselves. We become so caught up in the midst of our own daily lives that we forget to remember and acknowledge that our mothers put us before themselves for a very long time! 

That’s why Mother’s Day is so special at Doe A Deer - it’s a reminder to thank them for all that they’ve done for us. Although mothers should be reminded of the appreciation that we have for them more than just one recurring day a year, it never hurts to go above and beyond for them on Mother’s Day. 

Here are some of our favorite items that we think make super meaningful gifts! Not only will your mom love the thought behind them, they’re probably things that she can put to good use nearly every day. So, don’t worry about these gifts sitting at the back of the closet or getting dusty in a drawer, because moms will definitely find these items useful! 

  1.  Heirloom Towels That Bring A Personal Touch

Heirloom towels will always be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts in our opinion. If there’s a special recipe that you and your mom have made together for years, a cheesy quote you say to each other, or a bible verse that holds a lot of meaning for your family, it can be designed exclusively for you on a flour sack towel.

I think any mother will appreciate this gift and the thought behind it! It will also make a perfect addition to her kitchen. Design possibilities are truly endless, so if you’re already thinking about the smile on your mom’s face when she sees a hand towel designed just for her, let’s get started! *Please note that the entire process takes about 1.5-2 months to complete, so give yourself enough time to make sure you have this gift ready to give on Mother’s Day!

If you're reading this and thinking, ‘shoot, I wish I would have seen this sooner because it’s almost Mother’s Day,’ don’t worry! We have another great option that allows you to give mom a gift certificate for an heirloom towel design. This way, you’ll have something to give her even if the towels won’t be ready just yet, and she can even be a part of the design process too! 

come lord Jesus towel

  1. Flour Sack Towels with Endless Uses

If you’re looking for more of a last-minute gift that’s still just as sweet as our heirloom towels, we have plenty of beautifully designed flour sack towels with meaningful sayings.

Flour sack tea towels can be used in so many different ways, so this is a gift she’ll be sure to appreciate! They’re great for hanging on the stove to add a little pop of color to any kitchen, and they also come in handy for drying hands and dishes, shining up silverware, potholders, wrapping baked goods to keep them warm, as placemats at your dining table and even dusting! 

Our favorite way to gift these pretty towels is by wrapping them around a bottle of wine, but that’s just our humble opinion (and the wine addict in us talking.) You could also wrap it around a vase filled with flowers which would be the perfect combination for Mother’s Day, or wrap it around a new insulated tumbler!

There are so many beautiful towel designs to choose from that are sure to brighten any mothers’ day. 

  1. An Adorable Mug to Add to Her Collection

If coffee is your mom’s thing, then she’ll love being gifted a new mug for Mother’s Day. On the days when she’s not forced out the door to take on a busy day, she’ll love cozying up at home with her pretty little mug that reminds her of you

Many of Doe A Deer’s mugs come with little daily reminders that are sure to put a smile on her face. Since these high-quality mugs will probably get a lot of use (since they’re too cute to let sit at the back of the cabinet) we make them microwave and dishwasher safe! 

Check out some of our mugs for Mother’s Day, and you might even want to snag one for yourself! 

Show mom some love for Mother’s Day with these super meaningful gifts that she’ll be sure to make great use of! We truly think that all of the items in our store make great gifts, so be sure to take a peek at our many hand-illustrated products, from recipe cards to Swedish dishcloths and more!


April 08, 2020 — Regan Doely

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