You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.’ I think I could say the same is true for just about everyone, because who doesn’t love a delicious meal made specially for them?

But let’s talk about how you can steal a woman’s heart with fun and thoughtful kitchen items! 

Most women you know probably feel the need to dress up every space they can. Like adding calming candles and a framed photo to their desk or making their bedroom into a peaceful oasis with soft rugs and pretty wall decor. We do these things to make our spaces feel more ‘homey,’ inviting, and enjoyable. Well, guess what, the kitchen is no different! 

Sometimes the kitchen can be overwhelming and the opposite of calming if there are never-ending dirty dishes or the stovetop always seems to be a crumbly mess. Do you know what can make it even worse? Pilly sponges, smelly dishrags, and stained, faded hand towels. 

If you have a woman in your life who loves to cook or maybe is just constantly in the kitchen because she has some hungry, growing kiddos, why not help her make that space more enjoyable? 

kitchen towel

Here’s what I recommend: 

Things like fun kitchen towels to brighten up the oven, a pretty mug with an inspiring quote to sip from and get her through the day, and a Swedish dishcloth with a unique design to have on standby are just a few of my favorites to help make my kitchen space more enjoyable! 

Kitchen Towels

Flour sack towels are perfect for hanging on your fridge door handle, your oven handle, or even hanging from the sink! Most of our Doe A Deer kitchen towels have fun quotes with an accompanying design that will definitely warm up any kitchen. Plus, they’re super soft and American made! 

Inspiring Mugs 

Many of us like to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning, so why not include some words of encouragement with your daily dose of caffeine? Most of our mugs include inspirational words that are sure to kick your morning off right! We always have lots of different designs to choose from, so you’ll be able to pick the perfect mug for you or whoever you’re gifting it to. They make such an uplifting addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen! 

Swedish Dishcloths 

If you’re gifting a woman in your life, you can’t go wrong with one of our Swedish dishcloths. If you really want to make her kitchen space more enjoyable, then this is a definite go-to! Swedish dishcloths are an eco-friendly, cost-friendly, and overall more enjoyable way to keep a kitchen spotless. Unlike a grimy sponge or a dishrag that starts to smell after one day of use, our Swedish dishcloths come with adorable designs to make her smile, are super absorbent, stay fresh smelling longer which requires fewer washes, and they last 4-6 months! 

Swedish dishcloths

The Perfect Gifts! 

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just because, these uplifting kitchen items will truly make her smile. Not only are they affordable gift ideas, but they’re also something that you know will be put to good use! 

These items make for enjoyable gifts that add a fun pop of color to any kitchen space. Not to mention, putting in the extra thought to pick out a towel, mug, or Swedish dishcloth design that is unique to her taste will definitely make her feel special. 

There are a few items that I love for dressing up our kitchen, and I think she’ll love them too! You’ll definitely steal her heart by making her kitchen experience more enjoyable.

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