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    Hiiii! We are so glad you are here. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions that I hope are helpful to you! 

    What is Doe A Deer?

    Doe A Deer is a small, woman owned business located in rural Iowa. We have a passion for adorable, affordable home decor (mostly kitchen themed products). 

    Are all of your products locally made? 

    The majority of our products are created here in the United States. A wide majority of our items are even created and printed in the Midwest. All of our products are packaged and shipped from our warehouse/studio in Stuart, Iowa.

    Can I purchase products in bulk orders? 

    Yes! If you are interested in Wholesale - please fill out the application on this page!

    What if my product goes missing, is damaged, or my package is stolen? 

    We know, things can break in transit, sometimes items aren’t handled properly or things go missing, and unfortunately it’s impossible to completely avoid these rare incidents. Thankfully, we’ve partnered with Navidium to protect your purchases! Navidium ensures 100% coverage on your order. 

    This option will be automatically selected at checkout. You will have the option to deselect Navidium coverage, however, we will not be responsible for your package should it be lost, stolen or damaged. We highly recommend this option for every order, especially when purchasing breakable items such as our mugs. 

    Can you explain a little bit more about what Navidium is? 

    Absolutely! Navidium Shipping Protection is a form of full coverage shipping insurance. It covers items that are damaged, lost or stolen during transit. If any of these things occur, we will help you file a claim right away through a seamless filing process.  No more having to take that damaged package to the post office, PHEW!  Any issue is easily resolved and you get to work directly with Doe a Deer, no middleman!  Simply email hello@doeadeerdesign.com the following:

    1. Order #
    2. The email used to purchase your order
    3. Whether you are requesting a refund or replacement

    We want you to feel confident that your purchase is secure, so we hope you enjoy this new purchase safety option. 

    What happens if I deselect Navidium Shipping Protection and something does happen to my purchase? 

    Unfortunately if you deselect the Navidium Shipping Protection option, we do not issue refunds on lost or damaged packages. If an item is missing through USPS, please reach out to them at their main customer service number, 1(800) 275-8777, where they will need your tracking number which can be found in your shipping confirmation email. However, this does not guarantee that your item will be recovered. 

    How are your towels printed? Do they fade after washing?

    Our towels (besides a few) are printed with a direct-to-garment printing process. The design does not disappear after washing & just gets a more beautiful, vintage appearance with use!

    How do you quickly/easily brighten up your Doe a Deer Towels?

    1. Fill your sink/large container with equal parts bleach & warm water. (non-chlorine bleach is best)
    2. Add your favorite white Doe a Deer towels.
    3. Let them soak for an hour, stirring occasionally.
    4. Launder as normal!

    This process should help remove/lighten stains & will also give them a brightened appearance!

    How to remove stains from a Doe a Deer Towel?

    1. Mix a 2-to-1 ratio of baking soda and warm water in a bowl.  If you use one cup of baking soda, you’ll want to mix it with half a cup of water. (If you would like to change paste consistency, feel free to adjust the amount of water you use.)
    2. Apply the mixture to the stain before washing. 

    I’ve also found if you use a Clorox Bleach Pen before washing, stains will typically come out as well!

    Do you offer gift cards? 

    We do! Right here - just select the amount and enter the address you’d like it shipped to or if you’d prefer, print it yourself. The gift card will include a code that can be used online or in person! If you choose an email delivery method, we will email you separately with your gift card code!

    How do your products ship? What is the turnaround time?

    The majority of our products will ship First Class (unless breakable or multiple products ordered weigh in over 1 lb.) If a different shipping method is preferred, please inquire for pricing. Turnaround time is roughly 2-3 days for retail orders & 2-4 days for wholesale orders.

    If I’m located in Stuart, Iowa, how do I go about picking up my product in person to save on shipping? 

    Well hello, fellow Iowan! You'll see the ability to select Local Pickup instead of choosing a shipping option at checkout. Make sure to check out with your email. We will be in touch when your order is ready for pick up!

    Do you have a physical store I can stop by to see products in person before purchasing?

    We are currently 100% online but we are excited to announce that in the Summer of 2022 we will be opening our Flagship, Doe a Deer storefront in Stuart, IA.  Check out our social media to keep up to date on announcements, pop-ups and all things Doe a Deer!

    Can I have a gift I order online be shipped directly to the person I’m gifting it to? 

    Yes! So convenient, especially if you live far away from them! When you’re checking out, you’ll be asked if there is a separate shipping location you’d prefer, and we’ll even write a short note if you’d like to add it in the comments section.

    What does it mean to purchase a pre-order? 

    Pre-order items can be something that we’ve sold out of and are waiting for more to come in, but are still taking orders on OR it could be an item that we’ve ordered but do not yet have in stock. Since these items are typically in high-demand, we allow you to pre-order so you don’t miss your chance when they do come back in stock! Just know that these items will take longer to receive than normal orders. We’ll usually mention in the product description when you can expect pre-orders to arrive. 

    I'm interested in working with you on a branding or marketing design project. How do I get in touch?

    Please check out this page & send us an email here.

    If you have any addition question - please send us an email.