We <3 Moms!

With Mother’s Day approaching, I felt inspired to talk about our gifts for Moms: my heart behind these designs, and the inspiration of these goodies that will celebrate the one who loves you most! 

Doe A Deer has always been for Moms

YES! We have always curated our products for women...especially busy moms looking to brighten their kitchens and homes. But after becoming a mom myself, I felt like we needed to really celebrate the depth of the job that moms really take on. Being a first time mom, I was so unaware of the emotions, the stress, the worry, the constant comparison, the MOM GUILT. I was so unaware of what a TOUGH job this is. Moms show up day after day, through sweat, through tears, and we love it! 

Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging gift God has ever given me and this collection is a tribute to just that. I designed our Mom collection before and after the heart bursting experience of becoming a mom. Who knew we could love someone so much! 

The Goods! 

We brought back a fave! Our Mom Towel has been a bestseller in the past and we brought it back for you! Super sweet, pretty flowers, this would be adorable gifted and paired with a full pattern towel! (Peep our Full Pattern Strawberry Towel)  

Same design, different product!  Our Mom Mug features the fan favorite Mom design. This would be a great match with the Mom towel, poke in a little giftcard to her favorite coffee shop and you are well on your way to favorite child status.  

A new fave, the Mama Mega Mug. If you need to buy this for yourself we GET IT. It’s too cute and too handy. Great for a friend who is rocking the mom life.Stick our sweet little Mom Sticker inside for an extra touch. So thoughtful!                      

Did I save the best for last? Absolutely. Our new Mother Towel. I love this towel so much. It took me some time to put into words what the title “Mother” really means and the depth of this role we take on. Gift the Mother Towel instead of a card, pair with an adorable mug or gift with fresh flowers. She’ll really be feeling the love! 


BONUS: For your Babies! 

We know you love to shop for those sweet babies. Doe A Deer is launching a BABY BRAND.

F is for Fawn will be available March 29 at 7PM CST! You’ll be able to shop the most adorable bandana-style bibs, burp cloths (your new all day every day accessory), the MOST PERFECT swaddles, AND, we know you’re going to love this, ONESIES! Since having Dax, it has been a struggle to find clothes that aren’t screaming trucks or dinos. We are offering the most perfect gender neutral and adorable onesies for your little minis! These new goodies launch March 29! Be ready for cuteness OVERLOAD!


March 23, 2022 — Regan Doely

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