I love that we have such a fun mix of recipes up on the Doe A Deer blog! If you haven’t tried out any of our other recipes yet, check them out here and get cookin’! Lots of our recipes actually give you a little taste of our Good Food Good Mood Cookbook. It’s a cookbook that I made to fit any type of craving, whether you’re feeling like something sweet, in the mood for some savory comfort food, feeling like some small but very tasty finger food, or just really craving a fresh salad option, this cookbook seriously has you covered! P.s. for those who already own & love our cookbook, there’s a new add on cookbook coming soon! 

Okay! Onto this delicious Crab Salad that I want to share with you! IT’S SO EASY, YOU GUYS. It just takes 7 simple ingredients that I bet you already have many of in your kitchen. 

There are lots of tasty and easy summer salad toppings that you can throw on some spinach or kale, but this salad is definitely a little outside the box from your typical summer salad. I think it’s such a great go-to salad for your busy summer, because it’s SO quick and easy! When you’re heading to a grill-out after a long day of work or you’re driving to the beach with the kids and still need to get everyone ready, this salad will be the perfect option to whip up and bring along before you head out the door! 

Where are all of my crab lovers at!? 

Crab Salad

12 oz. angel hair pasta

1 cup frozen peas

1 lb. cooked bacon, cut into small pieces

12 oz. imitation crab, cut into small pieces

2 cups mayo

½ cup sugar

1 tsp vinegar

Cook pasta. Let cool. Mix together mayo, sugar and vinegar in a separate bowl. Toss pasta, peas, bacon and crab together and combine with sauce. Serve chilled!


June 01, 2021 — Briquelle Neyens


Pat Thomas said:

This salad sounds so good. I have family that is allergic to crab, even imitation. What would you suggest as an alternative? Thanks!

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