Can you guess what it is…? It’s an item that your wife, or really any woman in your life will definitely appreciate, it’s not a very common household item (but it should be!), it can be made super cute (ahem, especially here at Doe A Deer), and it’s something that can come in handy almost every single day! 

It’s called a BOWL COVER! 

Our Bowl Covers have a stretchy outer edge that lets you simply stretch to place over any bowl, and voila - it’s all covered and ready to put away! You might be thinking, “Okay, but we usually just use saran wrap or tin foil to go over our bowls that don’t have lids…” but that’s one great thing about our Bowl Covers! They cut out the need to constantly be buying these products that land in the trash after just one use. These Bowl Covers are reusable and machine washable, meaning that you’ll be saving on buying saran wrap and tin foil, and help the environment! 


As I said, these aren’t super common household items. Unless you know someone who swears by them and already has a ton of them in their household, maybe you’ve never even heard of a Bowl Cover! 

But trust us, they’re such a fun and stylish way to add a pop of color in any kitchen! That’s one of our main goals here at Doe A Deer by the way - we’re always striving to inspire upbeat spaces in your home! We constantly create new Bowl Cover designs that come in all of the sizes you will ever need! 


Here’s a little bit about our sizes and what they can be used for:

10x14” Baking Dish Covers

These are perfect for larger baking dishes and can fit up to a 9x13” baking dish. So, if you know someone who loves baking lasagna, egg bake, or other large baking dish meals, the 10x14” Baking Dish Cover will be the perfect gift! 

10.5” Bowl Covers

These Bowl Covers make great additions to 8x8” baking dishes, large mixing bowls, bundt pans, and oval casserole dishes. Have someone in your life who’s constantly baking? They will absolutely love having a cute new Bowl Cover to use and brighten up their kitchen! 

7.5” Bowl Covers 

These Bowl Covers can be used over 9” cake pans, 9x5” loaf pans, small mixing bowls, and pie plates. Does your wife always have a sweet tooth for banana bread? Does your grandmother love to make her special pie? This 7.5” Bowl Cover might be the perfect option if you’re looking for a special gift idea! 

Mini Bowl Covers  

Our Mini Bowl Covers are perfect for cereal bowls, soup bowls, and small loaf pans. They even work great over measuring cups if you know someone who loves to put homemade dressing in them! 


All of our Bowl Covers are 100% cotton fabric on the outside with a safe liner onthe inside for easy clean-up. And the great part is, if you can’t decide which size will be the best option for the person you’re gifting it to, we offer our Bowl Covers in sets of 3 and 4! Whether you need a unique housewarming gift idea, a cute wedding gift, a special Mother’s Day gift, (really any type of gift) these Bowl Covers will make such a unique and thoughtful gift idea!

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July 01, 2021 — Briquelle Neyens

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