There are so many joys that come along with being a small business owner. One aspect that I’ll always be grateful for is the connections that come from working with other like-minded shop owners. Not only has Doe A Deer provided me with great opportunities to grow and learn from some amazing people, but I’ve also gained amazing friendships along the way! 

I reached out to one of my shop owner friends, Kristen, because I wanted to get her viewpoint on how her experience has been since working with Doe A Deer. Kristen is the owner of Pressed! Her store is filled with pieces from her own jewelry line, in-house screen-printed apparel, and so many more inspirational goodies. Her story of how she turned her struggles into her purpose is so inspiring, and I hope you give her gorgeous jewelry a peek!

I decided to have my virtual assistant, Briquelle, ask her a few questions about our items in her store and what she believes sets them apart. 

The kind words that Kristen expressed filled me up with so much joy, reminding me why I love doing what I do. Hearing how much she believes in our line and how strongly it resonates with her shoppers makes me feel so humbled. It encourages me to reach even more shop owners and share these bright and inspirational products with them to share with their shoppers! Here’s what Kristen had to say: 

Question: Are there any Doe A Deer items in your store that seem to be a favorite for your customers? 

Kristen: Our customers come back again and again for every single item we carry from Doe A Deer! If I had to choose a top-seller though, it would be the flour sack tea towels. Specifically, the Iowa and Midwest-themed designs. As soon as I restock them, they tend to sell out within the week.

Question: Why do you think these products resonate so well with your shoppers? What about them makes them stand out/unique?

Kristen: Our customers love that these products feature hand-drawn designs from an Iowa artist. They are drawn to the Doe A Deer items because of how beautiful they are, and they are "sold" once they learn that they are made by an Iowa artist.

Question: Would you say that these items keep customers wanting more? Do they make your customers excited to come back for new designs as they come out?

Kristen: We all--my customers and myself-- have come to look forward to the change of seasons because it means there are new seasonal goodies on the way from Doe A Deer! Regan's tea towels, Swedish dishcloths, and magnets are such an affordable way to celebrate the season in your kitchen and bring some joy to that space.

Question: What has been the best part about working with Regan as a stockist?

Regan is so brilliantly invested in her work and is a pure delight to work with. Not only is she an amazing designer, but a sharp business owner as well. She has the quickest turnaround from any of our vendors, and she so clearly communicates with her stockists on new goods coming soon, older styles selling out, and updates on restocks. We so appreciate her diligence in her craft!

WOW. These words mean the world. And trust me when I say that I know how much of our hearts are poured into our small businesses, so finding shop owners who recognize your efforts are deeply appreciated. 

I also know that if you’re a small business owner, your time is precious. That’s why I do my best to make the entire wholesale buying process super easy and efficient. As Kristen mentioned, turnaround times are quick and you’ll always be kept in the loop as product statuses change. We truly want you to feel like you’re part of our Doe A Deer family.

 Doe A Deer stockists also become a part of our community where we share tips, monthly freebies, and access to our exclusive Facebook group that lets them connect with other stockists from across the US. 

If you’ve ever thought about sharing some Doe A Deer goodness in your shop, I hope Kristen’s words gave you the confidence you need to trust in our products and designs. I also hope you know that I’ll do whatever it takes to help you share products in your store that resonate with your shoppers and get them excited for new and unique designs to roll out as each season arrives.

September 16, 2020 — Regan Doely

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