“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Could this quote be more true? There’s just something about giving to others that lights up the soul. The great part is that even the smallest and sometimes the most unexpected gestures are the ones that mean the most to people. 

Birthday presents and Christmas gifts are wonderful to spread some love during these special times, but how often do you give a little gift to someone just because you want them to know you love them and you’re thinking about them? I think these are the most powerful gifts of all.

Here are some thoughtful gifting ideas that don’t necessarily need a holiday or a birthday - they’re perfect little ‘thinking of you’ gifts to show someone you love them! 

Find something with the perfect saying or quote. 

Have you ever seen something in a store with a specific design or a quote and thought, “oh my gosh that is SO my mom,” or sister, or cousin or whoever it may be!? These are some of my favorite types of gifts to give; the ones that almost seem to jump out at you because they embody a person and instantly remind you of them. I also feel like the person receiving these types of gifts will find them to be much more thoughtful than the classic gift of lotion and bath salts, clothing or flowers. 

I think finding a gift that makes you think of that person is a great first step in finding something meaningful to give them! 

That’s why our little shop is a great place to start searching because this is one of the drivers behind each product at Doe A Deer; illustrating designs that relate to people and life! 

We have so many unique designs that emulate a sense of home and warmth, relatable sayings, uplifting quotes, and comforting scriptures. The best part is that these inspiring and meaningful products in our shop are household items and decor that people can use every day!

Let’s take a peek! 

A mug for your coffee or tea-loving friend is a nice gift, but what will make it even more special is the message on the side of the mug. A few of our uplifting and daily reminders that our mugs in stock read (as I’m currently writing this) are Small Steps + Deep Breaths, Give it to God & get to work, Find Joy In The Little Things, and Pray About What You Can’t Control. 

So motivational, right!? So if you have a friend or relative who would appreciate any of these uplifting reminders (because maybe they’re an over-thinker or they get anxious about things they can’t control or they just need a little boost of encouragement in their morning routine) our adorable mugs make such amazing little ‘thinking of you’ gifts. 

It’s all about finding something that they can relate to. 

Many of our flour sack tea towels have super cute and relatable designs and sayings. If you know someone

  • with a deep love for their rural lifestyle
  • with a (healthy) obsession with their plants
  • who is always trying to lift up others and be a positive light
  • who enjoys decorating with bright pastel colors & maybe a dash of vintage vibes
  • with a passion for life
  • or who loves spending time in the kitchen

... then I promise you’ll find something in our little shop that speaks to them. 

Opening up a gift that says, “wow this person truly knows me and was thinking of me” is one of the best gifts you can receive. I hope this inspires you to remember that the happiest people aren’t always those that receive, but those that give the most. So don’t wait for that next holiday or birthday, treat your favorite people today to a little gift that shows you’re thinking of them! Because there’s no better time than the present!
September 29, 2021 — Briquelle Neyens

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