If you’ve been around awhile you KNOW how serious I am about Christmas. Which means, ironically, that THANKSGIVING tends to sneak up on me. Maybe Thanksgiving is your more low key holiday too, or maybe it’s your big celebration. Doe A Deer is here to draw a little bit of attention to Thanksgiving and make sure you are prepped and ready! Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Bringing a dish? WE GOT YOU. 

Bringing a yummy side dish? Cover your green bean casserole with one of our fall bowl covers to ditch the plastic wrap and keep food fresh while it awaits the table setting or buffet line. And they are ADORABLE. Also - it is A LOT of work to host this day, so don’t forget to thank your host with a sweet towel (we like this one or full pattern leaves) tucked into a pretty tumbler to acknowledge all the work that was put into the day! 

Hosting? Ok hold on to your turkeys, we know this is a lot of work and thought. You’re likely prepping the day(s) before to keep the day-of as simple as possible. Your fridge is going to be chock full. Snag the complete pumpkin bowl cover collection to keep things looking as neat and tidy as possible (it’s good for your mental health, I promise). And oh my gosh everyone will be in and out of your kitchen- dress up your kitchen with a festive flour sack towel without having decor

or any extras taking up counter space (find full pattern pumpkin here ;) ). Don’t forget some adorable pumpkin mini mitts to round out your fall pumpkin collection! Adorable for pulling goodies out of the oven or using as a pretty on-brand trivet for your spread! 

Have you thought more about Christmas shopping than you have Thanksgiving prep?! Speaking of Christmas - stay tuned for our Christmas collection to go LIVE October 18th at 7PM CST.

October 12, 2022 — Regan Doely

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