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    You know how the simplest things can take you right back to a very specific memory?

    Maybe it’s a song you played on repeat all summer long, the smell of your grandma’s famous cherry pie, the chill breeze that just FEELS like fall, a prayer or a scripture you and your dad used to read together before bedtime.

    It’s details like these—the ones that seem so small and insignificant in the moment—that end up being some of our fondest, most cherished memories in the long run.

    The ones that we’ll hold onto for as long as we can, and be SO glad to revisit year after year.

    The ones that shape how we evolve, and the person we grow into from children into adults. (And the ones that allow us to never fully let go of our inner child, thank goodness!)

    These are the moments we LIVE for, that light us up from the inside out!

    There’s so much joy, warmth, and goodness we can tap into with our senses. 

    The nostalgia for the good ol’ days, the memories we make today with friends and family, and the millions of memories that lie ahead, are all opportunities to feel uplifted, bright, and connected to ourselves and our loved ones.

    Doe A Deer was created to inspire that sense of nostalgia in our everyday lives—to find beauty in the small, simple moments.

    Doe A Deer is your reminder to never quit your day dream.

    Hi friends! I’m Regan, owner, designer, & mover + shaker for Doe A Deer. From a young age, I always admired the patterns and designs in vintage linens, cookbooks, and packaging. It was these small details that always brought me back to some of my best memories from childhood.

    Before Doe A Deer, I took my love for design to the corporate financial world (which, admittedly, wasn’t exactly where younger Regan pictured herself fulfilling her passion for design!) I had more creative freelance projects here and there (wedding stationery, logos, things like that)—but still had an itch to create more.

    One day, I randomly decided to try my hand at making a few products: 2 greeting cards, 2 notepads, and 2 flour sack towels, to be exact. I took them to a Small Biz Saturday craft show in another small town near Stuart, and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. This spurred my energy to keep creating, and from there, a few retailers decided to take a chance on us.

    Fast-forward to today, we’re now located in over 200 retailers across the United States and Canada! Holy guacamole!


    We at Doe A Deer are firm believers in...


    We’re here to make every day a little brighter, and every home more warm & welcoming

    Our collections are thoughtfully curated to transport you back to your most favorite moments, so you can always be reminded of the good days you’ve already had, and the amazing days to come!

    Every single product we create is handmade in faith, built to last with high-quality materials, and to bring a unique and uplifting touch to your home or your next gift. Ready to find your bright spot and spark nostalgia in your home?