Introducing F is for Fawn – Doe A Deer
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    F is for FAWN FAQ

    Q. When can we purchase items?
    A. March 29th at 7PM CST, F is for Fawn will be live for purchase at our website, will currently redirect you to, but there will be a F is for Fawn collection in the top navigation bar.

    Q. Is F is for Fawn available to Retailers?
    A. Yes, F is for Fawn will be available for retailers to purchase on March 29th at 7PM CST!

    Q. Are these products hand illustrated similar to Doe A Deer products?
    A. Yes, Regan has hand designed each and every item with your child specifically in mind!

    Q. Will F is for Fawn be sold in your new storefront?
    A. Yes, F is for Fawn will be a featured in our new storefront with some possible options that you won't see online!

    Q. When is your new storefront opening?
    A. Our goal is to have our Flagship Store open in June of 2022!

    Q. How do retailers purchase products?
    A. All F is for Fawn product will be available under the same Doe A Deer page you are currently shopping from.

    Q. Do you have plans to expand on your current F is for Fawn products?
    A. Yes, we would love nothing more than to continue to grow F is for Fawn based on customer interest and needs!

    Q. Is F is for Fawn available for baby registries?
    A. Yes! We partner with where you can add F is for Fawn items to your baby registry!

    Q. Will there be any F is for Fawn holiday products?
    A. Yes, Regan has some SUPER CUTE holiday designs coming your way soon!