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    We have some exciting news! We're hiring for some seasonal help with the possibility to stay on into 2021! Doe A Deer is growing quicker than we ever anticipated, and I'm looking to add someone to our team. Just this year we've packaged over 15,000 towels and shipped 2,800 orders, and we're entering into our busiest time of the year. We need some help! There are many exciting developments on the horizon & we're eager to bring on a new member of the team to ride this exciting small business rollercoaster with us.

    Here are the details:

    Seasonal Production Specialist will work out of our home office in Stuart, Iowa 3-4 days a week for 3-6 hours per day. This will vary based on number of orders and amount of inventory to package.

    Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    • folding towels, packaging products
    • pulling product to fulfill orders
    • packaging orders with packing slip and thank you card
    • weighing packages
    • printing shipping labels and scheduling USPS + UPS pickups

    Some lifting of packages up to 50lbs may occur. 

    Daytime hours (between 7:30AM - 4PM) are a MUST!

    Because we highly value an exceptional customer experience, please DO NOT APPLY if you do not have a strong sense of perfectionism and attention to detail. It's essential to this job!

    Click here to apply NOW!