10.5" Bowl Covers | Kitchen Aid Mixer Size



I will never stop finding ways to inspire upbeat spaces in your home, and our Bowl Covers are just another way to help you do that! While they may be small, their added touch of warmth will be felt throughout your entire kitchen. 

Although these stylish and easy-to-use Bowl Covers will add a fun touch to your own kitchen, don’t forget that they also make amazing housewarming & wedding gifts - so be sure to spread the love!

Uses: You can use our 10.5” Bowl Covers over: 8x8” baking dishes, large mixing bowls, bundt pans, and oval casserole dishes. Be sure to check out our other options as well for additional sizing needs! 

A few things that make our Bowl Covers the perfect kitchen addition:

  • Machine washable 
  • 100% cotton fabric outside + food-safe liner inside for easy cleanup
  • Eco-friendly by eliminating pesky plastic wrap

Washing your bowl covers in cold water, and allowing it to air dry is a great way to ensure the longest and most vibrant life for the design on your cover! Our bowl covers have a texture that makes them extra absorbent in nature. This texture can cause some flecks of missing color here and there on the full pattern designs - this is part of what makes this fabric unique!

*We examine each cover and do not sell or send any covers missing noticeable amounts of color! Quality is of the utmost importance to us!* 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Love love love!

kathy grennan

Love my products. Nice homemade and it’s really authentic and a great find. Reminds me when I was a kid at my moms home as we had these. Thank you


Very cute and well made

Super cute and super functional!

These bowl covers were exactly what I needed for those bowls at home with no covers. I've used mine almost every week. It's nice to not have to transfer the food into a different bowl with a cover and risk dirtying another dish. Plop one of these on and you're set! Cleaning in the washing machine worked perfectly too.

Sara R.
Mixer Bowl Cover

I honestly don't know how I went this long without these awesome covers for my stand up mixer! Such a sweet, subtle addition to my kitchen decor.